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Our Work is Dedicated
to the Prosperity of Our Clients!

ONYX Corp is a consulting company dedicated to our customers to introduce innovative solutions to satisfy customers needs and requirements. our philosophy focus on our customers benefits and building cooperation lasting for years.    

We are focusing on our customers return of investment.

Advice Center

We always welcome our customers and glad to give you advice for free, do not hesitate to contact us.

News & Events

27/06/2007 ONYX become a solution partner for NETSIS the leading ERP company and business solutions in Turkey

01/01/2011 Our plans for Europe, started our operations in Poland to introduce new investment ideas and business solutions

About ONYX

ONYX is the result of years of field work experience in providing best innovative solutions to several industrial fields

Our Resources are customer centric, their success is achieving customer goal


Our Mission

At ONYX we build trusted relationship with our customers focusing through our consulting team with innovative business ideas and solutions to help our customers achieving their goals butting customer needs and return of investment in our first priority.